Healing is A Process Not An Event

Your spouse’s healing is a journey not a race. Allow them time to heal from a broken heart, a traumatic experience, or any type of death such as; a parent, a child, or someone that they deeply cared for. Sometimes that process can take some time. They may need time off from work to simply rest their mind and spirit. They may need time to be poured into so they can be revived and restored in their mind and heart. If you or your spouse have ever experienced any type of tragedy like myself for example, be patient with them. Love them through the process while your praying for them. Don’t look at it as though this is not the right time for them to fall a part or fall into depression because of your needs. Look at it as a way to honor the vow you made to love and honor your spouse in sickness and in health. Depression is a sickness. Your spouse will need you emotionally more than ever. Your spouse will need you to figure things out on your own until they are capable to do so. They will need your kind words even though you’ve had a hard day yourself. They will need you to understand what they are going through even if you don’t. Don’t encourage them by your own personal thoughts of what you think they need to do but encourage them by loving the hell out of them. Love does conquer all right? If this blog was a blessing to you please share it with someone who needs it.

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You Too Can Survive What Your Going Through

In my book Birth of a Royal Wife, I share how I endured one of the darkest periods in my life. Everyone always asks how I survived everything I endured. I wish I could share some special secret or the number to a great therapist, but I can’t. The only advice I can offer you is to trust in Jesus. If it wasn’t for my relationship with my heavenly father and his son Jesus Christ, I may be on crack right now. I started building my relationship with God at a very young age.

That connection is what sustained me when I first started going through at the age of 18. We never know the path God has for us or the road we must take to get there that’s why it’s important to know Him and have a foundation rooted in Him. It was my relationship with God that kept me until I received my healing.

I can’t tell you that going through tragedy is an easy thing to do, but know that you can survive. God has created a way of escape for us all through his son Jesus. If you haven’t given your life to him yet do so today. It will be the best decision you ever made for your life.

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I Can’t Believe It!!

This evening I just ordered a proof of my soon to be released book, Birth Of A Royal Wife. I’m so excited. It’s been in the making for quite sometime now and my baby is finally ready to be birthed. Here’s a little sneak peak below on what my book is about.

Birth of A Royal Wife tells of Anita’s journey of going from tragedy to triumph. You’ll read how she endured loss, but learn how she healed from it all. Anita allowed vulnerability to replace HER availability for God’s perfect will in her life. Wrong choices made that can take you out mentally or physically. You could also be that person that suffers from depression without even knowing.  After reading this book you too can make the decision like Anita to get your life back and reign like the queen God designed you to be.

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